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    web hosting name

    I am starting a small web hosting company but hosting names our hard to find. i have a few and was wounder what domain you guys like best.

    i was think of offering some free web hosting with upgrades. down the road might get into proxy hosting.


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    KnockHost is the one that sounds the best IMO
    |Nico Lawsons

  3. #3 sounds nice IMO.

    @logoonlinepros - totally irrelevant

  4. #4 would be easy to remember. Also it could lend itself to a nice visual design for the site with the planet Saturn and servers in orbit etc.

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    +1 for "SaturnLight"... that was the catchiest in my mind before I saw it was the one getting kudos in posts above. Memorable, brandable, and doesnt sound like all the others out there.

    Sidenote: Removing logosonline comment... aziz is right. Please dont do that to somebody's thread.
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    I think having "host" in the domain is a good idea, though actually I'd have "hosting" in it. I don't know if it's taken, but how about SaturnLightHosting, or AlwaysUpHosting?

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    Host Any minute

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