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Thread: What Do You Do With The Money You Made ?

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    I bought a 50 inch Plasma TV and Bluray player with some of my earnings last month..

    Reinvested most of the rest.


  2. buy cool stuff I don't need and let it collect dust in the corner, invest the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    I would probably drown though.
    Beer is good but Beer causes Diminishing Returns.

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    I pay bills. Beer aint bad, either.

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    save some, use some

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    To save money is so important for your great features. I invest my money in different sectors. I invest my money in insurance, bank, Bank FD, jewellery's, post etc.. I also invest my money in property. To save money is so necessary thing.

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    My first priority is buying land/property since we need a place to live right? And it is better to own the land that we live on as far as we we can.

    Next on the list is investments such as stocks or precious metals.

    Then there is building up assets such as web sites and online relationships like we are doing here.

    And then there is other stuff ...

  8. Im saving all my money to buy a car, hopefully, I'll need one more month.

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    Pay bills, reinvest a bit (into my sites now, gave up stocks last month), and of course beer and vino

    In Dutch (from Google) :
    Rekeningen betalen, (nu in mijn sites, gaf de voorraad strekt maand) te herinvesteren een beetje, en natuurlijk bier en vino

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    I put around a quater of it back into the business each month, helps things grow.

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