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Thread: What Do You Do With The Money You Made ?

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    Do you invest it in your site for example a posting contest ? Prize $40 for first winner ? Or do you just use it for other stuff in real life for example.

    If I would make money online I would invest it in a contest.

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    I would have done the same if I was you. I would of spent it towards the site I own or something, if I have none then no other way but to either spend it or save it for a rainy day.

    I have not got lucky enough to win money online so I never had it that easy lol.

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    lol its all about how you play your cards in the game, figure by speech. For example winning posting contests earns you alot of cash you just got to be fast poster and knowing when to enter and at the end win and take the x amount of money. An other way would be also to work as staff on a board where the owner pays you. And so on.

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    To save money is so important for your great features. I invest my money in different sectors. I invest my money in insurance, bank, Bank FD, jewellery's, post etc.. I also invest my money in property. To save money is so necessary thing.

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    I reinvest
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    Mmmm beer!
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    It depends on how I get the money. The funds I get from paypal usually get reinvested.

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    reinvest on same site, extra site and study

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    Quote Originally Posted by nux View Post
    Mmmm beer!
    I would probably drown though.

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    We invest all of it in the sites we own whether it be payment for a new feature, hosting costs or a competition, it all goes back to where it came from

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