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Thread: What should i build ?

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    What should i build ?

    Current i run/manage a authority site (dot gov . ccltd) with pr 7 front and the rest page pr 6, i can do anything related to education .....

    i was thinking abt adding a Article Directory (student article) or Directory (student web project) or Social Bookmark (student only( but i just not sure which one suit the site more ....

    Or anyone have any idea ? anyone like to join me on this project ?
    all input welcome ...

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    I think a student article directory might be a good idea, especially if you fill it with educational articles that help them with their degree, career goals, etc.
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  3. You could build a soap box derby car, We built one that resembles and indy car one year , painted it up and all, it was great fun and the car came in 2 .

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    I like the idea of encouraging students to develop web projects, but you need to think about if they deserve the high authority link. So I suggest, having some kind of rating system in place where other students can vote on projects and the top 10 get better links for example.

    But it may be gamed by the marketing-savvy students.

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    Hi Cool.

    I would like to suggest building an Article Directory. It should be having dofollow links. An article directory will help to attract SEO to to your site and it will help you to develop your own community in which members from all over the world will be there.

    Among those, the most reliable can be made a moderator and from there, you can look forward for more projects.

    All the best in advance.
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    Thanks for input
    I will build a article submission and Directory for all student

    btw any good script to recommend ? sorry tight budget

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    i agree with arwen..u should go for something of that kind of stuff only..

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