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Thread: What would make you quit SEO?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robjones View Post
    In other words, treating the business like a business. Always amazed to see people focused on meaningless metrics instead of the bottom line.
    Acronyms formed from Search Engine such as SEO and SEM are as obsolete as an Eight-Track player. Search engines were great when they were giving-up the free traffic. But the traffic has slowed to a trickle for many business owners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetrapak View Post
    SEO is soon to be dead anyway. you don't need to do actual SEO work. I mean, ask Will, he had many sites that dropped with Panda, and many sites that gone up. Analyzing 100 different aspects there was no logical explanation, so how are you supposed to do SEO work then if you don't even know what is appreciated by Google and what's not. Better just serve the visitors and the rest will come. Or perhaps I'm just getting tired of this SEO thing, and that every second person is a "pro"...
    This content was posted September 16, 2011 and today is February 19, 2014 so what is your saying that SEO is soon to be dead?
    You have many sites that dropped by panda. It is because you are not aware of what's happening in the near future (Algorithm Updates) it is better to have back up strategy when the time comes and this is to maintain your website's success and this will serve as your bullet proof.
    We use organic SEO to rank in search results and help your targeted visitors reach your product and services.

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    SEO as it once was is already dead. Google has effectively neutered almost every technique that was once encouraged by their ranking algorithms. Now they are going after guest blogging and other forms of SEO that they openly promoted as a valid SEO method for years.

    In the aftermath of Panda and Penguin, there is so much collateral damage to rankings that almost every web site--even if the site strictly followed the rules--has seen a dramatic drop-off in Google traffic.

    Most of the traffic is now going to very large branded sites. Google started in 1998 with a promise that they were going to level the playing field and give small sites an equal opportuinity with large sites. That have reneged on that promise and destroyed billions of dollars of value on the web.
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    The best part of people does seo for get massive traffic from online. When they can’t get properly traffic to your website from online there are they needed to change some methods of seo or quit from this process. Anyhow, these various points are beneficial to each website owners.

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    Another person spamming the blog with his crappy seo company shit!
    Like who would hire someone who spams forums?


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    For now I'm bit comfortable with SEO, though some of my keywords not ranking well just because of high quality spammer who pays big amount to SEO firms to ruin search results but someday I'll crack the code

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    If you work for ranks then traffic will follow you :P

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