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Thread: Who uses PHPlist?

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    Who uses PHPlist?

    Seems like all of a sudden, I am seeing more marketers using PHPlist to run their email lists.

    For sure, running one's own list seems to be better than using an auto responder company.

    Anyone here use PHPlist?
    If so, let me know the pros and cons.
    Use much bandwidth, etc?

    Is it worth it?
    I am looking at it to start up my own email list either next month or next January.

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    PHPlist has had at least one very famous exploit. By now, it should be fixed...

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    The problem with running your own list mailer is getting the emails delivered. Your host will impose a rate limit so your list software must comply with this to avoid the outgoing mail being blocked.

    Also, it's risky in that your hosting could be suspended regularly due to spam complaints, legitimate or not while you prove that the subscriber opted in. You are guilty until proven innocent.

    In the end, most marketers seem to go with the mainstream emailing companies to avoid these problems. When you are starting out though you could BCC your tiny list via gmail and simulate sending from your domain name.

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