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No idea how it is banned recently. One of my clients informed me and I was wondering. It is the first ever case that any site under our control is deindexed from Google. Though I was pretty sure nothing was wrong in link building because only some work was done and that was authentic and fair enough like press release, directory submission and some article marketing. Then we had to keep the job on hold at client's request (because of some copywright issues on domain name or something).

Then unfortunately, The site was down too.. server was crashed meanwhile and site was down/unavailable for around 2 months or so. Then some 15 days back, client mailed me to start working again. I wonder I was careless and asked the team to start working and didn't check at Google whether it was indexed that time or it was already de-indexed. Or it was deindexed 2-3 days back only. No idea..

I have checked it throughly as I myself helped many people in reconsideration of their sites and some got them back too.. But issue is.. I;m not able to find any bad neighborhood or bad links... There are mere 277 links for site now. When we were doing article marketing, most sites rejected them because of unavailability of site all of a sudden.

I'd appreciate if you guys can put your thoughts here.

Thank you