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Thread: Withdraw Money From Limited PayPal Accounts?

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    Withdraw Money From Limited PayPal Accounts?

    Withdraw your 180 days limited paypal accounts! has an interesting pitch:

    My name is Peter, and i can help you with your Paypal account that has been locked for over 180 days. I can withdraw the money inside of the account to you, and we will then charge you a fee for it.

    Rules of engagement.

    You will first email us for us to check your account information.

    You will proceed to give us your 1) Account email 2) Account password

    We will then proceed to do our job.

    All this will take approxmiately 3-5 working days.

    Do you think it's a complete scam?

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    Yes I do.
    Blogspot domain...1 post only...totally illegal...

    It has scam written all over.

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    I'm not sure if they're scam.. I'm mostly positive, till the opposite has been proved. But like Shenron said:
    1) They're not professional as they use blogspot
    2) It's just a simple thing, I even think they use VCC's and talk to PP that the info was wrong
    3) I think Peter was lucky once that it worked for him, but it won't work always.
    4) Maybe this is a scam which I now think, but maybe it isn't... I won't be the first to test it xD

    |Nico Lawsons

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    It's a scam.... does anyone wanna prove me wrong?
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    If they manage to remove the limitations, why would they charge a fee? They can transfer the funds in the account directly to their account. It's surely a scam.

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    For this kind of transaction, you should ask a friend or a trusted member.
    Maybe you will need to deduct fees but you will have your money

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    I personally won't recommend them. With the look of site (blog) it's quite obvious you can't trust them.

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    What d'ya guys think about these fellows?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post
    What d'ya guys think about these fellows?
    Well they have been around longer and they do list a firm fixed fee for their work...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    Well they have been around longer and they do list a firm fixed fee for their work...
    But their design is ugly, they do not use proper English and they are selling their services at unbelievably low prices...

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