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Thread: Work from Home with Squidoo

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    Work from Home with Squidoo

    Hey everyone
    I have some pretty good experience making a little bit of side cash
    (100/month) from my Squidoo lenses, spending about 20 hours a month on them, I own about 40. If anyone wants to learn the secrets, you can join my site, it isn't too big yet, but I'm building it up slowly, as it is a side project.

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    Can you tell me what a "lens" is? I've seen it mentioned in Web Gazelle's sig, and can't figure out what this is all about... I didn't see anything that looks like what I'd think is a lens on his site.

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    A "lens" is just a web page on a sub folder of So you can go in and create a "lens" about anything you want, and they give you a wisywig editor and a bunch of prebuilt "modules" to use to create your lens. The best part is that squidoo has such a large user base, that if your lens is in the top 100 lenses (out of the 300K or so) you can expect to get quite a few visitors just from Squidoo itself, and there is adsense and amazon and ebay affiliate links that you can put up with the click of a button on your lens.

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    $100/month and 20 hours makes for only 5 buck an hour.

    Not worth my while.

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    True, that is below minimum wage.
    I looked at them and the only way I see to make it worth while is to advertise it.
    ANd for pennies, not worth advertising.

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