I used to work at home and am currently making plans to work at home again; only this time for myself. What I discovered, while working at home, is that it does require a lot of discipline. At first, I found it hard to get motivated to actually get commenced working, but once I did, the rest was much easier. I also found that I worked much longer and in part this was due to many times I would run errands or do chores around the house.

So, I would end up working till to all hours of the night; which I didn't mind because I am a night person anyway. What helped me was to put myself on a schedule. I normally would start my day out by running. After working-out. I would prepare to work for the remainder of the day. Around afternoon, sit and eat lunch for about an hour, and if I had some errands to do, I would take care of my errands in the afternoon. Around 2:00, head back to my office and work for the remainder of the day; or at least until I completed my work.

But, I do realize that having the discipline to do this comes hard for many people which is why working at home is not for everyone. If you find that you are unable to sit and work for more than an hour, maybe setting up an office somewhere else might be more beneficial. I know that kinko's has places where one can work out of, for a fee of course and I am sure that there are other places that offer the same or even better office space where one can concentrate on getting their work done. I enjoy working from my home because it gives me the ability to setup my own schedule and I find that I am a lot more happier and thus more productive.