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Thread: worth to join wpmudev ?

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    worth to join wpmudev ?

    I going to upgrade most of my wp site to wpmu, issit worth to join wpmudev dot org ?

    fees is usd 420 for one year subscription.

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    Seem like no member here join them, so i give review about wpmudev.

    Reason I like :
    1. Fees is ok for that lot of plugin and theme.

    Reason I don't like:
    1. Poor Customer Service.
    2. Poor Support.
    3. Most Support answer is not helping you solve the issue but showing you they can do it.
    4. Slow response.
    5. 80% of the plugin is not plug and play, too complicated, one mistake you have to redo everything.
    6. Too many trial and error on plugin and theme.

    If u plan to join them and learn, please don't waste money, if u have plenty of time to try step by step or coder and don't mind spend some time to read the code then MOD, yah is ok ...

    For me, i regret ....

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    Said no to WPMUDEV

    Recently i paid to subscribe wpmudev for the reason of their plug and play plugin (as i get told by their customer support), at the end i'm really feel i get cheated .......

    Here come top ten reason for no :
    1. Most Plugin is not PLUG n Play. (fault claim by the site)
    2. Almost all plugin have compatible issue.
    3. Almost every plugin with bug.
    4. Theme compatible issue.
    5. Worst after Sales Customer Support. (almost like no support)
    6. 24 hour for you Customer to response to the issue.
    7. First reaction of WPMUDEV tech support is pushing their responsibility away without even look at the issue.
    8. More then half of the issue is unsolve (check their forum).
    9. Not any single member there without any issue with their plugin or theme.
    10. All plugin will come with free BACK DOOR for the name of letting PAID member to know when update available, for none member ? kill your bandwidth and performance. (free to use after subscription with something that drag and slow down your site)

    Best Tech support response :
    1. will let the programmer know. (then no story)
    2. Bug will be fix in new update. (haha, drag until u paid again but update still not there)
    3. Please Read "Installation Supporting Document". (that all)
    4. It seem like your server configuration is wrong. (Blame first)
    5. Please reinstall again, I'm sure something wrong with the installation. (another blame first)
    6. We have no issue with it. (but u can search the forum, there ton of complaint abt same issue).

    My story is .... if can please don't spend money to add more headache .....

    Their last response about my last complaint on annoying message showing (i don't mind), kill my bandwidth and slow down my admin panel (yes i can feel the slowness on brand new site with dedicated server).

    As was mentioned already, the plugin does provide several valuable features to all of our members. As such, we recommend all members use it to stay on top of any patches, security updates, or improvements as they are released.

    If you do not wish to install it, that is your choice. The plugins and themes will all still work just fine, though if you want the notification to be removed this would be a custom modification that you'd need to have done yourself.

    Hope this helps!


    WPMU DEV Sales and Support Dude

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    We deliver all WPMUdev plugins and themes for 10$/month or 60$/year or 120$/lifetime VIP™ Access | the WebForum

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    So nothing about @SonnyCool's less than optimal review of the service you are hawking?????

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    Mod or admin should just merge these two threads as they are the same.

    And yes, I looked at that and could see no value for the money wanted.

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