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Thread: Would you like to form a business with a group?

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    I had this in mind since few months now. In few months I'll try to create a site like template monsters. In short, a site from which people can buy web templates, gfx designs, 3d models, logos, stationaries and all of the gfx virtually possible to make. Now it's clean and clear I cannot do that on my own. You know it'd just take me a million years to accomplish peoples with it. Since it would be a professional website I'd like to be people working with me Pro's as well. By pro it doesn't mean that you have to have a degree or certificate but only that your work should be of professional level. So I'm asking here at waushares if any of you would like to form a group with me. The sales would be decided on each single item. Since I'll be handling the site I'll take around 10% off of your sales on every item. For example, if you create something and decide to sell it for $10 then I'll take $1 from it each time someone buys it. So it mean if that item is bought by 4 people then you'll get $36 and I'll get $4 from it. I don't think that's much since I'll also be creating many things. So if you're ready then reply in this post.

    One thing, I've still not decided when it will be started but I think it would take me around 4 months atleast, since the competition is really tough and we'll need a good repository of extra excellent items to sell so if you think it's that easy then think again. Everyone is invited to join who knows everything, something or even anything at all.

    Edit: If you know someone who have good skills then do contact them as well. We run on a principle if it's bigger then it's better.

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    I think you business proposal is great but isn't it a loss for you only 4 dollars

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