It has probably been a while since any of you have heard that name recently. But, I remember about 5 years ago, Geocities made me so happy. I was very young and I just started getting on to the internet and looking at different things. I finally, randomly, found Yahoo Geocities. I was interested, but not really sure at first. So, I signed up and I realized I could make my own site for free. I didn't actually have my own domain, but I was satisfied with it.

I know this may sound funny, but my site was about the HardyBoys, if any of you have heard of them. I actually wrote a bunch of articles about the books on the site, but never really thought anything would have been made of it.

Now, Geocities is finally closing. I just recently got an email saying that they will no longer continue the service, which made me sad because I had some very good memories using that service. Anyone else?