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Thread: Your business card is CRAP!

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    Your business card is CRAP!

    He is right, when I was saleman for print shop most of the companies I visited had crappy business cards. The only direct marketing that represent your company should be the best and convenient to give it in any occasion!

    Guess what, our business card design is not junk and never will be.

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    Entertaining, but yes he's right.

    Back in 2008, we used some crappy business cards for our fruit company too . I haven't used any since but that will probably change this year.

    Every week, I'm receiving business cards but the majority of these are the usual cardboard ones. The best one I received lately is a plastic credit card type business card. It makes a solid impression, doesn't get dirty easily and fits conveniently in the wallet.

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    Yes, business cards are important - you want to present yourself with quality, not crap.

    However, I think this guy is extremely annoying. Second, while I think you should spend a decent amount on producing a quality business card, $4 per card is outrageous and a waste of money. Furthermore, while his business card was fancy, it's a huge inconvenience. If I gave you a card like that, where would you put it? It won't fit in your pocket, it won't fit in your wallet - you'll probably just get rid of it because it's too much of a hassle.

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    Good paper, plastic, magnetic, and vinyl business cards with a very good design that's the perfect combination.

    I've got a 14pt CS1 stock paper with a 4/0 front colors and UV coating that always has been perfect for carrying around even if you are ouside and sweating with 120 F

    60 lbs to 100 lbs cover with one color is really not good for business cards. The worse are the thermography business cards, it cannot be uglier.
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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    His card is over the top, and I would actually rather laugh than make a compliment. I like cards with a bit of creativeness. This is actually my favorite

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    Crap is obviously in the eye of the beholder.

    I have to completely disagree with that character regarding "the most impressive business card he has ever seen--his own". I've received several cards like that over the years--mostly from designers--and I can assure you that from my perspective, those are the first ones that get lost or thrown away. If it does not fit in a Rolodex, a business card organizer or a wallet, it gets lost in the bottom of a drawer or thrown away. What else are you going to do with it?

    There is nothing in his card but self-absorbed ego. It has a picture of him on the front and a pop-up image of him inside. What a bizarre and useless business card!

    I agree with others here that a card needs to be high quality and should stand out with colors and good design, but what this guy has done with his card is an abomination. I would never take anyone seriously if they handed me a card like that.
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    I never had a business card.

    I found out this little trick and it works People won't trow away their own business card. They keep tons of them with notes on them.

    So I always ask for your card write my Personal # on it "Please understand I do not give this number to just anyone" < Saying that is very important

    I found out they will carry that card for a long time.

    Try this tip it really works.

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  8. Agreed,very annoying guy,and that card has to be the kitschiest thing I ever seen.It looks like a circus advertisement.But I think that not having a business card at all is still better then having a crappy one like this.Some time ago I seen a quite interesting one,the card had details for 2 people,and you could tear it in the middle and give someone who wanted your card and someone else wanted your partners card,very interesting concept I liked it.

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