I find there is no thread about this topic yet.

My assumption is mostly member here is do internet business. And of course, not all is newbie anymore. So tell me your story about your newbie era/when your start to do internet business.

I'm not newbie anymore since i'm already in this business on 2007, but decide to take it seriously in beginning of 2008. I'm already learn many thing and feel black and white on internet business. I wanna tell my story on beginning 2008 when i'm start to seriously do this business.

In my country, there is not too many internet business on 2008. So, there is only a bit place to asking about internet MMO program such adsense, selling e-book, etc..My first project is product creation, and i'm buying an e-book about it which cost me $20. And i'm start to practicing the lesson included such research market, choose niche, etc...Feel that this kind of business is so boring, i'm start to learn adsense but i find adsense is no longer profitable since there is already full of publisher. Failed in learning and doing 2 previous business, make me think, is there any easiest way to earn? Then i find "get paid to" program such PTR and PTC. PTR is need website/blog so i'm not play it. I choose PTC as my business. In the first, it's hard to earn from PTC since the most important thing on PTC is consistency of clicking ads and making refferal as much as you can. But i have a chance to buy 100 refferals on vipbux which cost me $60, the money is earning from contest prize.
So bad for me, when my revenue is reach $80 and i wanna withdraw, vipbux is become scam. I'm already contact paypal to refund but it's useless. This is hurt for me....
After stop play PTC because i'm become skeptical again, i'm start to sell DVD on my local forum. It's not bad and i'm happy. My project in selling DVD is still run until now.
Except sell DVD, i'm try to earn by freelancing as forum poster or complete the offer. Until now...

That's my internet business journey. Maybe not cool :P but it's the truth. I'm still have a long way to reach success in MMO.

Now, your turn to tell me your story or opinion for my experience.