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Thread: £20/$25 Posting Competition @ Extra Time!

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    Hey All

    To help boost activity here at Extra Time, i've decided to run a Posting Competition. The winner will receive £15/$18. The 2nd place person will receive £5/$7. If you win, payment will be made via PayPal only. This competition will officially start right now, straight after you post how many post you have here, and end on 18th of May. To enter, you must post here with your current post count. Give us a wrong post count and you will be banned from the competition. Staff can enter. (But not me, of course)

    Everyone have a great time trying to win this competition, and i wish you the best of luck! Remember, to enter you must post your current post count in this topic.


    The Extra Time Team

    Thanks all, check out the topic here -

    I know it isn't a lot, but better than nothing! Take part now!

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    That's a big competition. I notice the forum is already getting a TON of posts.

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