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Thread: 214 Members, 11600+ Posts, 8 Services, 4 Months Old!

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    Advertise Hotspot was opened on 15 January 2010 and after only 4 months, we have made such a wonderful breakthrough! We may have probably made forum history in Forumotion! With 214 members, 11600 posts and 8 awesome services, Advertise Hotspot assures more members as long as you post! Apart from our remarkable journey after only 4 months, we would also like to thank all our members! You have made it all come true!

    ****If you have'nt joined us, why not visit and take a look? I'm sure you're gonna hit the Register button sooner or later So why the delay? Join us today!****

    Thank you to all our wonderful and dedicated staff too,


    This ticket admits to one only! So join us before the ticket is sold out!

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    Nice forum and congratulations on all the posts and members!

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    Good job!!! Hope you get more!

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    Well done. I hope that your forum gets even better.

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    Congratulations! Wish you good luck with it in future

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    thanks all! Hope you'll join!

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    Well done on the news! You have a great website.

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