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    How often do you use your ACP and how confident are you at using it

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    I don't have a forum, but a Wordpress blog. I use it a lot, especially moderating spam, and I know it like the back of my hand

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    I have only used the ZetaBoard ACP. Its very easy to use, I use it alot, and Im very confident in it

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    I login to my ACP many times every day, and i also know it like the back of my hand. I could find a user in my ACP with my eyes closed, seriously.

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    I don't use it that often to be honest and I'm quite confident with it, mainly because it's easy to use.

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    The only ACP that's difficult to use is vBullentin.

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    When I ran my vBulletin^ teen site I would use it about once a day as I was the only one who could do all that much in it. I knew it very well..

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    ACP in vbulltetin is hard to use at first but when i got use to it, its like god. I can change colors to the forums add mods if you know html and a little css then you will be good at editing navbars, adding navbars etc but it gives you more function then phbb thats why i love vB

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    phpBB should commend themselves, phpBB 3's ACP is very good. Reminds me a lot of IPB 2.3's. However, I've found MyBB's simplicity the easiest to work with. The Live search in configuration is good.

    However, IPB 3's Live search feature is even better. Searching for features make it much easier to get used to the ACP. But I agree about vBulletin, it really needs an ACP modernization.

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    I use it very often! Without using it, I don't quite feel that I'm the admin lol

    And yea, I must be confident using it given that I am the admin

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