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Thread: Admin Activation

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    As a user, how much of a turnoff is this?

    It's a big one for me, especially if it takes hours to be activated.

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    Definitely a turn off. But if the forum seems good enough, I'll hold out until it's activated. If not... I'm not bothering going back.

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    I'll register until I realise that it is Admin's Activation. I joined a site a couple of weeks back and about a week later I got the e-mail saying that I have now been activated.

    I was like: "Not going back there!"

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    This is a total turn off. I wouldn't want to wait a day for an admin to activate my account.

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    I really hate Any Activation, both of The Admin and Email

    I have left my forum with instant Activations and Thats The Best

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    Usually what happens is basically they've been swamped by spammers. That's the main reason why.

    In IPB, I didn't really have the need to run any activation, because bots easily get around stuff like that. If you really want to do instant activation, be prepared. Run reCAPTCHA and (IPB 3.0 implements it by default). If you're in IPB, also consider running the Spam Service as well.

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    It would be a turn off for many members if the admin does not activate their account for hours.

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    Its a real bad thing to have for a activation, but some very good forums have it to keep out known spammers and advertisiers.

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    I don't have Admin Activation, and never will, i know the feeling when you have to wait days to be activated.

    However, i support the Email Activation and run that on all sites and forums i've made.

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    Admin Validation will send me away from the forum. I won't even bother to post.

    Email Activation will annoy me but I'll hold through and just activate.

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