Hey guy and gals, I have returned once more (I apologize) but I wanted to cover a earlier guide I posted. Check it out here : Guide to Good Forums: Starting off

Step 1 States:

Before starting anything or even conceptualizing an idea, you need to have had developed a following on a few different forums. Get some close friends on your MSN/AIM list and do whatever favors you can for other people. Your goal is to get people to remember who you are. For example, when I'm new to a forum and people reply to my posts, I'm sure to check out the links in their signatures, etc. Be as welcoming as you can. You'd be surprised how many people are out there looking for a cool community to join."

This idea is something I have failed to do more often then none, and I am sure everyone here can say the same thing. We may have told our friends, joined a few sites off a signature, but during advertisements or post exchanges, we were less focused on joining and staying active and more on just making the posts and registrations to earn ours in return. This works for awhile, but all you have is posts, but no really active fan base.

Instead, why don't you take time out of advertising, and start posting more. Take time to post something of value, rather then just

"AWESOME IDEA, I LIKE IT ALOT", and more of a helpful tip here and there. Your goal is getting people to know you, and by offering a certain service to them during this duration of posting and registering, they may remember you, and if they visit your profile page, and hopefully you filled out your website box, they will visit you, and register, and post.

You don't have to go to every forum you come across, but instead find forums that relate to things you like. What's the point in registering to a site that you will have no intention on posting on, other then exchanges. Just find a site you like, register, and post. It can be only 2-3 forums, or 4, or even 10, and if you reach 10, and stay active, then I am sure you will have people visiting your profile page, and most likely one of them is on your forums by remembering you.

Adding a signature to your posts even benefits you more, something we all know, but people fail time and time again to grasp this concept until it's to late, or to far into their site advertising and valuable time wasted. Another reason filling out your profile page is a easy way to get people to find out about you and your site.

In Conclusion, people think advertising is a hard thing to do, and granted it is, however, there are so many simple things a person can do when advertising that they fail to grab potential new and active members. After posting this, I am going to see how many people actually visit my profile page. Probably none, but after a few posts I made recently, I have had more people visit my profile page, then any site I have ever been on, that I know of.

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