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    When visiting a forum do you think it is important that the admin has an avatar or not?

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    not really

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    I do think it is important as the admin is active and should use the avatar option as it shows an example of what they expect of their members, as long as I am active on a site I always try top have an avatar.

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    I think it is very important I would be put off on using a site where a admin has not added on as it tells me they are lazy

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    I think everyone should have some sort of avatar, or something to distinguish them from others. It makes the site look friendly and people will be more willing to join.

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    I usually use an avatar except on the forums that only allow 80x80 avatars. That is very hard to find.

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    Admins with avatars make the site look better in my opinion. As an admin, or mod.. or even member I always use an avatar. (probably should add one on this site soon)

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    It's not too big a deal for me but I agree that it looks far better on the site and the admin if they do have an Avatar.

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