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Thread: Admins who don't accept others point of view

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    I don't always accept others point of view because sometimes it's a ridiculous feedback.

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    Most of the time, when I have seen people that are admins not accept others opinions about the forum, and such, their forum usually dies out quickly, unless someone else decides to take over and takes a fresh approach to the situation.

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    I hate to see them. Haven't met any yet. Well, an admin not accepting other people's views is just UNFAIR.

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    I've seen an admin go nuts at two of my friends on another forum I go to, it's a big one.

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    Yea I hate that, but they are in the admin position for a reason.

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    all admin on our site are very active and heavily involved with the posting and banter on the site so we find it easier to talk with members mods and amongst our selves

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    Havn't seen this before.

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    I've come accross it a bit and can't say I don't do it to some users as I clearly know they are compleate ta*ds... but I sometimes take others views... unless it's with staf, then they have my 100% compleate trust and sight.

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    I don't really like forums that have admins that don't accept other people views. I don't think I have come across one, I might have, not sure though.

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    When I'm an admin on a site I either go one of two ways... I'm either overly active sorta socializing, or I take a 100% back-seat position doing the more technical job and post maybe in just the announcement topics and the staff room...

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