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    If you need advice for your forum, is there anyone you talk to?

    I don't really have anyone I talk to specifially myself.

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    Re: Advice

    i'm here to talk to.. Right? i'm always on msn if you need anything...

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    Re: Advice

    Yeah I always chat with the other admin as we bounce ideas off each other and we have another guy who is good aswell for bouncing ideas off it does helpo he his also a web designer in his job so he his great with code

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    Asking others for ideas and bouncing off thoughts are a great way to get just what you need for your forum. There are many people on the net willing to help out.

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    For advice? Nah, there's 3 of us as admins, so if we have any problems, we discuss it amongst ourselves. And anything beyond that, we look to the staff first, community right after.

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    I would normally talk to a fellow staff member.

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    If there's something I want to know I throw it out to the members, maybe include a poll?

    It's the members that make the place so it's only fair.

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