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    What is the Alexa Ranking of your site? Admin Community has an Alexa Rank of 440,659 at the moment.

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    [quote name='Sbfc' date='28 March 2010 - 02:02 PM' timestamp='1269781354' post='12556']

    What is the Alexa Ranking of your site? Admin Community has an Alexa Rank of 440,659 at the moment.


    I just checked ours and I was suprised we seem quite high

’s Worldwide Traffic Rank


    I am not sure how good this is though.

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    Ah Yeah, I remember getting this rank for AB a month or so ago... I found it fun XD

    I hear the Alexa ranking is not really umm...accurate, I believe. Something about the SEO, n whatnot. I'd have to go find the article again lol.

    @Strider: I'm not really sure... but I think I remember something saying he lower the Alexa ranking number the more heavily visited the site or something like that XD

 O.o There's a ...nutshell..thing

    AB's ranking:

    On backlinks: 41

    Alexa Ranking: 275,452

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    Mine's way too far : 11,151,884 . It's not unexpected since I am having extremely less traffic in my forum .

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    The Alexa rating on my forum Poseidontech is 2,340,962. I think that's pretty bad.

    But there's a lot of sites on the Internet, at least I'm pretty high up there! I believe last time I checked it was 4.5million.

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    Alexa rank, as I see it, means very little. 1,058,333 the statistics are extremely inaccurate.

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    Mine will be like millionth because I didn't even release my site.

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    I'm in the 1 millions.

    440k is really good sbfc!

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    My site, Alexa Rank is 21,021,714, though I have no Idea, if its Good!

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    Lol the higher the rank, the more far off you are. A rank of 1 is the best. And a rank of 100,000,000 would be the worst

    Just for everyone to know.

    Lol, and yeah, everyone says Alexa Rank is very inaccurate and not exactly the best way to rank your forum

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