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Thread: Allowing HTML

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    Do you allow the use of HTML on your board, or do you stick with BBCode?

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    I don't allow the use of HTML, it's a security risk. People can use BBCodes instead.

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    Defiantly not because people can redirect pages to others or play annoying music in the background, or generally anything they want.

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    I rather stick with bbcode. People now in days can do anything with HTML like pop ups.

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    html, i'm not a fan of on forums. BBCode is easier and better

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    HTML is banned from our forum

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    After seeing this, BBcode.

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    Dudes, it super lenient to allow any sort of out linking or sig images at all these days. That alone puts a large stress on moderators and admins to actively spot and ban spammers. You never ever want to allow html on anything. The downfall of myspace is probably the best example of this.

    Also, the only time facebook profiles ever get hacked is always because the member who gets hacked is that dude or girl that just has to check out every stupid app on facebook, without knowing anything about it.

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    Most forums don't usually allow HTML anyways.

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    i dont allow eather, members can miss use it and can create a whole lot of mess

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