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Thread: Amount of forums & websites you can run at once

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    What is the maximum amount of forums/websites you can run at once?

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    about 8

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    Ive currently got 5 domains and some are online some are offline.

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    Maxed I ran at once was 2-3, now its only one

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    I think to make a forum run sufficient to the best of your ability I would run one and one only as that way you can put all your work in to making that forum work to its potential.

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    As it is, I already have problems running three (owning one), so I have more than enough to worry about.

  7. i have 5 as of now that i'm trying to concentrate with. its tiring when you yourself writes the articles. so every once in a while i sometimes buy articles just to cope up.

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    I have tried to run 2-3 forums/websites at once, and I can only keep one running smoothly

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    Mine was 2. None was successful.

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    Successfully you can only really run one in my book.

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