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Thread: Anyway to monetize a warez forum?

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    Question Anyway to monetize a warez forum?

    Is there a way to monetize a forum which contains links to softwares and movies which are offcourse hosted on other websites. I hear adsense is not allowed on such sites. I placed adbrite a few months back but ain't doing anything big.
    It has about 15000 threads listed in google and gets some traffic from other warez sites too.
    I renewed the domain for two years a few months back because back then I was interested in building a community but I guess now I have lost interest in it.
    But that doesn't mean I want to give it away.
    And in my opinion there isn't much maintenance required to run a warez forum. All you need is a good host.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated. thanks

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    affiliation programs that allow traffic form warez sites? personal advertising spots could also work

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    I don't think people who are looking for free movies or porn would buy anything.
    Did you have any luck with any affiliate program?
    I think it is the main reason I have lost interest in the forum. Because there aren't any good ways to make money from it.

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    yes they will, how about affiliating with file sharing companies? say rapidsahre / hotfile / megaupload and similar sites. warez guys would definitely purchase premium accounts (or at least visit them to download )

    and no I have not had any affiliate program in my life (so far )

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    It's difficult to match affiliate offers (and expect sales) to dodgey content IMO.

    You could maybe try the Russian brides affiliate program (can't remember the actual company name), Adult Friend Finder, or Lotto Black Book (from ClickBank). I tried all these and didn't make any sales though unfortunately. But if your site gets a lot of traffic (over 1000 uniques per day), you may do better.

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    agree with newbie191, most of them don't even bother to click anything other then download link

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