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Thread: Arguments between staff

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    Does your forum ever have arguments between staff? If so, how do you deal with it?

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    I could see it happening here .

    Either way, if I argue, I try my best to keep something resolved.

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    As of yet we are to have any we are all pretty much like minded to be fair and we got all angles covered for our forum in age and locations aswell.

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    I've had an argument with another old owner of my site. But before we could resolve it, he left and left full ownership of the site to me. So I guess it turned out good for me but it sucks not having him there anymore. Oh well.

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    As my forum has only been open for some time, I am the only staff. Getting a moderator in 1-2 days now.

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    I have before, but I end up winning the argument.

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    My co-administrator and I actually get along quite well. If we do have disagreements, they're usually resolved pretty quickly, and don't normally end up in an argument.

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    I haven't seen one yet.

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