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Thread: Background Music

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    [quote name='Prime' date='24 March 2010 - 12:06 PM' timestamp='1269417973' post='12329']

    Wow , I really like it , maybe volume it up a bit cause it's a bit too low . But overall , I love it ! Great work dude !


    Oh Thankyou So Much, in many reviews i got the Idea was Superb, anyway if you like Harry Potter, please Join us

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    Forum is a forum is music.....

    does not make sense if we come here to share and learn to have the distraction.....

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    i don't like this. it gets annoying. most users already listen to music while browsing so i think its fine how it is

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    I dont like listening to music when I go through forums, it gets annoying to me. Its still annoying.

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    I dislike this due to the main fact I have music playing every second I am awake and it will just conflict with my music.

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    I do't really like this idea because some people would find this annoying and it would make the forum run slower.

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    Terrible Idea, I listen to my music for a reason...

  8. its annoying in my part as a visitor.i can't read if there's a bothering sound

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    I think that background music is quite annoying if it is set to 'Auto-play' but if it isn't... I don't mind.

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    Terrible thing. Slows things down and a major turn off for me.

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