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Thread: Background Music

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    How do you feel about forums with background music? (MP3s playing in the back, quietly, while browsing)

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    Ya , that would be excellent ; but it might make the forum run a bit slow . I was thinking of implementing that idea for my forum , but later skipped it thinking the forum would become slow .

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    Its actually Cool, i use them to give my visitors Harry Potter Experience while Browsing, see for yourself

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    Annoys me. xD If I want to listen to music I'll put my own music on. Maybe if it's decent music and it's different when you refresh the page, but defiantly not if it's the same tune all the time.

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    It is cool, but make sure there is an "OFF" function to stop annoying visitors. Also, using lower quality MP3s will make the site run smoother, with less lag. Problem solved.

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    [quote name='Severus' date='23 March 2010 - 05:18 PM' timestamp='1269344935' post='12185']

    Its actually Cool, i use them to give my visitors Harry Potter Experience while Browsing, see for yourself


    Wow , I really like it , maybe volume it up a bit cause it's a bit too low . But overall , I love it ! Great work dude !

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    I hate music playing while I browse around a site. I think it would be an awful move to do that. If the user wants to listen to music, he'll press play in his media player and listen to whatever he feels like listening. Plus, it would be a RAM killer.

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    it is stupid.

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    It's get annoying because when I post, I need complete quiet so I can think what to post about.

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    Very annoying! On a couple forums I've been to, they thought it would be cool, but infact it basicly ruined the forum. Even if you have an on/off part, some people may not even see it.

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