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Thread: Banned

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    I was banned on a tutorial site once. One of my friends published a tutorial and his name was Psycho. So I signed up and make an account PsychosLover and was banned because they thought it was an alt.

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    First forum I ever joined temporarily before a leadership change that unbanned me for "Being an idiot"

    Although it was actually over political beliefs, which is why I was unbanned when the corrupt owner left.

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    I got banned from a forum this week actually for no reason except for a moderator abusing his power.

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    I can't say how many forums I have been banned from, a few of them I shouldn't really say the reason. But I got banned once for double posting when I didn't mean to

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    I've never been banned; I try to follow the rules of the forums so that does not happen.

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    Actually, I got banned from one or two forums just recently after my forum was hacked. It was a misunderstanding about spam, which was thankfully straightened out. I just remembered that. Darn, my memory has been sucking lately.

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    Many a time, but I think I've managed to get back on. I was banned on one because the admin was weird and took internet friends way to seriously (he actually went out with someone online and sent nude pictures of himself lmao).

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    I've been banned once. Admittedly, that was from performing a very major mail attack on some guy who threatened me, so I guess I deserved it.

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    ^ What forum was that?

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    Anyone who knows my personality understands why i've been banned on a handful of various boards. I speak my mind, say what needs to be said. Some staff just can't handle the fact that a member may be smarter than they are, or they live in denial, never knowing that they're on a power trip.

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