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    I got banned a coupel times. One was from a administrator that apparently didnt know what he was doing, and the other was for no reason (prolly a new admin.). I got unbanned from both forums within a week. And both admins said sorry.

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    Yes. The only reason why because I won an argument against the administrator. And the administrator was only 11 years old.

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    This one forum administrator was advertising his new forum, and ranting like "OMG 100 POSTS IN A WEEK! WE R AWSUM!" He directly pointed and singled out MY forum and said "Better than that Faded Paw Prints place." We had 30,000+ Posts in less than 8 months at that time. I told him off politely and said it was immature to single out an active members forum like that.

    I was banned for 3 months for "Picking a fight with a staff member."

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    LOL!! I never got banned from any forum. I try to abide by the rules

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