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Thread: Banned

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    Have you ever been banned from a forum? If so, what was the reason?

    I've been banned from one or two forums before, one being a friends forum, I was constantly breaking the overly strict rules :P

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    Re: Banned

    I don't recall ever being banned on a forum, really. I was banned from one forum because I banned the person from my forum for breaking the rules, but that's it, really. It was a forum I didn't actually care about, so I could really have cared less about being banned.

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    Re: Banned

    You didn't get this topic idea from our conversation on MSN did you? hno2:

    I've been banned on one forum since 25/9/09 but my rank is temporarily banned so one day I'll be able to get back on there. I had 4214 posts on there. :P

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    Re: Banned

    I was banned once from a torrent-based forum for not maintaining the share ratio (UP/DOWN) . But later they unbanned me .

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    Re: Banned

    I've been banned from 1 forum because a member there said I copyied the rules from their forum onto mine which I didint... :/

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    Re: Banned

    I got banned from an old forum, which is now shut down.

    Apparently posting in every topic in a forum (not spam, 10-40 words), with discussions, is against the rules...

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    Re: Banned

    nope never been banned but the night is young you never know what might happen in the fuuture

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    Re: Banned

    The only time I was banned was when I first started foruming. I got banned for noob stuff. :P

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    Re: Banned

    I was banned from a forum due to advertising too much. After that, I learned my lesson.

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    Haven't been banned from a forum, I do join them, but leave before I make a huge impression on the community.

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