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Thread: Banned for no reason, how would you feel ?

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    You have been permanently banned from this board.

    Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

    Reason given for ban: FOR NOT BEEN ACTIVE

    A ban has been issued on your IP address.

    What do you think if you get that type of ban ?

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    Never happened to me, but I guess I would just say GO TO HELL if this ever happens

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    A BS reason to ban someone...think I might just build a website and tell the world about an AH.....

    Actually a stupid thing to do...consider the affect on the other members.....

    There things that happen if a person's life that are more important than a forum post...

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    Very angry. They might think I'm a spammer but I'm not X-( I hate that feeling they someone don't know me right

    Dedicated Java Developers

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    I wouldn't care, if I wasn't active on the site I probably wouldn't see anyway

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    I would be kind of annoyed if i had made a lot of posts there..would just say meh and find a different forum though with a not so newbish Admin..

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    To be honest if the admin is an idiot like that, I would expect the majority of people wouldn't have joined that forum in the fisrt place.

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    it will suck so badly.

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