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    Banning Members

    How often do you ban members from your forum permanently?

    I often do at codegreen because there are lots of spammers there.

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    Re: Banning Members

    I don't usually ban members though I will ban automated spammers and people who have no reason to be at the forum other then to cause arguments and be rude.

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    Re: Banning Members

    thats good

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    I don't have any problems with any of my users so far, but with 10 members how can you? I will delete a member who joins the forum and does not make any posts or very few posts, if they make one post and never come back on for like a month then I will delete them. If i really have a problem with a member then I will most likely ban them, as they should respect everyone, no matter who they are.

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    Business forums are a real target for spammers. We sometimes get new members who will sign up and immediately post 10+ ads for mobile phones. I'll give them an immediate permanent ban, on the basis that they are unlikely to ever contribute.

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    I give perma bans to people who deserve them, like spammers, bots, and other evil creatues.

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    Depends, if they are bots then ban all the time. But most of the time I don't ban members.

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    I think I have only banned one or two people in my life. I am usually lenient when it comes to bans.

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    I'll ban people if they are spamming, being dumb, etc.

    Or if they are being plain annoying.

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