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Thread: Biggest mistake

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    [quote name='Daniel' date='18 February 2010 - 02:10 AM' timestamp='1266459006' post='8483']

    I sign on that one lol


    Agreed. I've made so many forums, and lost interest in them since I couldn't keep members interested so just gave up on them in the end and closed them.

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    i changed my forum software a lot. i started at joomla,phpbb, smf,mybb, back to phpbb and finally settled at mybb.

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    [quote name='sportastephanie' date='25 February 2010 - 09:27 PM' timestamp='1267154858' post='9665']

    Not advertising enough, I've made a list of things to add to the forum, like some forum games and such, but I'm not on it too much to post them. It's not that active though. And making too many forums for my members to post in, especially when my forum is so small.


    Yeah, they say you should always start small when you have a small member base, and then when you get more members, and you start getting more requests to add forums, then you can consider expanding and making your site bigger. I think that's one thing I've done before was make things far too big for the memberbase. Not much fun in the end, I can tell you. In fact, on my current forum, I got one section that I'm considering merging into another section, because with two seperate things, it just gets to be too big to moderate.

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    Mines was deleting a board which wasn't mine, but admin was on holiday and gave me full powers and I accidently deleted it with more than 10,000 posts and 300 member, but he said that was ok and just restored another back-up.

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    Selling CMF. Bad idea.

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    Well, it would have to be making kids or childish people as some moderators. Not only did they delete posts, members, and lock stuff, they acted really childish.

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    we recently lost our site completely and what made it worse we had the back ups saved locally so they all got wiped out aswell so we basically lost the lot.

    luckily enough we have got the site back up and running now and have learnt from that mistake.

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    My biggest mistake as an Admin was giving up too early and quitting!!

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