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Thread: Birthdays?

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    Do you do something special for a person's birthday on your forum? Currently, i don't do anything, but I might start

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    when using Zetaboards as your host, the users registered birthday is displayed on the day in the forum statistics. I sometimes give +rep on forums that have the system as a present

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    hmmmm.....mine is next October....plenty of time to come up with something nice....

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    If the member has filled in the birthdate in their profile the their name will appear with congratulations above it in the anouncement center at the top of the main forum index

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    @strider, sounds cool

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    No I don't do anything. I don't really think I will either.

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    When the Announcement Centre was working on my forum, a person's birthday was posted in the Announcement Centre.

    Also that member got a Birthday Medal.

    If they were a member of staff, they got a thread in the Lounge Celebrating it, and if they were an administrator, they got a mini-announcement.

    Sadly though, most of this was done, when the site was active, and only when the user had their Bday field on their profile filled out.

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    if its a member then it will be displayed at the bottom but if its staff, i will put something about it in the banner

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    I usually hang out with them as a gift.

    My bad.... didn't read the whole thread.

    Well, I'll send him/her a PM saying Happy Birthday!

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    No, if I were to have 50k members, it would be a hassle.

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