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    Do you give out board warnings? How many board warnings do you need to get banned or is there no set amount?

    I don't usually give out board warnings so I haven't really had to consider how many warnings you need for a ban.

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    2 board warning = PM Restricted

    4 board warning = Temp. Ban

    5 board warning = Permanent Ban.

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    Out of the 12 rules which can be found on our site this is rule 11.

    11. The board operates a disciplinary system based on yellow and red cards. This is how it works and the actions that will be taken against you.

    1st Yellow. Private PM, slapped wrist, told not to do it again. Stands for 3 months

    2nd Yellow within 3 months Private PM. Admin warning.

    3rd Yellow within 3 months Private PM from Admin. Last warning

    1st Red Issued after 3 yellows within a 3 month period, Private PM from Admin 2 day Ban

    2nd Red Issued within a 3 month period, Private PM from Admin 7 day ban

    3rd Red Issued within a 3 month period, 6 month ban. All members will be informed of the ban, your Username, E-mail and IP will be banned. if you try to respawn form another IP and you are caught the ban will be extended by one month for every attempt.

    We feel this is quite a tolerant system, and gives everyone a chance to change their ways.

    Only Admin have the ability to ban members.

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    We at UKGaming, currently follow this example which I've seen used on other sites:
    Rule breaking will result in the following:

    First Offence: Un-Official Warning

    Second Offence: Official Warning

    Third Offence: Account Suspension (1Week).

    Fourth Offence: Account Suspension (2 Weeks).

    Fifth Offence: Permanent Ban.
    Which has been pretty effective at dealing with any problems. Although some of these Offences are bypassed if the offence is something worthy of a ban or suspension (ie: posting porn and/or disturbing images across the site, like the Blue Waffle thing).

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    I only give out warnings as a last resort, I tend to let minor infactions go and if they persits first issue a board wide reminder of the rule that keeps getting broke, this way no one is singled out, if they then perist they will get a polite pm reminder about the rule, then we go down the route of giving a warning.

    On my site the 4 warnings in 90 days is a permanent ban, 3 is a tempoary ban.

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    ive just had a mod warn another mod because they told the truth so i warned them they kept messing about i warned them again, 5 times later they have a pernament ban

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    On my forum, it totally depends.

    any amount of warnings can lead to a ban, it totally depends on the "harshness" of the things the member did

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    Mine is 3 warnings = Ban. How long depends on my and the other staffs' thoughts.

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    Yes, but we try not to.

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