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Thread: Bringing on another admin?

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    Bringing on another admin?

    What do you consider when hiring another admin?

    Mine must be well respected moderators, be used to the forum and be on it for around a year, and be one of the most participating members. I must also see they care about the future of the forum.

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    Re: Bringing on another admin?

    When I am thinking about bringing on another admin, chances are the person in consideration is a very good member of the site and is well respected by the community or the person is a very close friend of mine that I know will do a very good job and they can prove they have what it takes to the community.

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    Re: Bringing on another admin?


    I would want my administrator to be trustworthy and responsible. Also some knowledge when it comes to coding and administrating. But most of the time, hiring an administrator is risking because even though they said they're trustworthy or responsible, there's a thing called lying and next thing you know, you can't access your site. So I would recommend hiring an admin that you know either in person or through IM.

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    Re: Bringing on another admin?

    Personally I have another admin, I assessed his post's and grammar and they were all pretty well, he also discussed his power and expierence with the admin panel, so we created a test board and he showed me some of his skill's, he also showed me his forum ran by himself which had 40+ member's with 3,000 which worked out pretty well.

    But now I noticed as he goes inactive I think I chose the wrong decision as he proved me wrong the first time but now he has just bailed out on me.

    But you really do want an expierenced admin, who can do workly hour's, show his respect for the board and have coding knowledge.

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    Re: Bringing on another admin?

    I only hire another admin if I think they can be trusted and will do an excellent job... at the moment I don't have a co-admin though I may hire one in the future.

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    Re: Bringing on another admin?

    I would hire a co admin if they had great cv, even though that they might haven't been on the forum at all.

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    Admins must have been on the forum for a long time, at least half a year, have one of the top post counts for the forum, and really show that they care about the site. They must have previously been a mod, and very well liked by the community, and I must trust them. The trust is the hardest thing to earn out of it all.

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    Not sure if I would trust anyone to have access to the logs on an admin scale.

    Moderators will do for me.

    I would look for maturity uppermost and someone who is a respected member to make them a mod.

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    I don't ever have other admins on my forum. However I always just get global moderators to do the moderating. The only difference really is that the admin can do work on the website, which I prefer to take care of myself in most instances.

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    If I were to hire an admin, it would probably be someone from within my staff team who has been with me for a long time and knows the workings of the site.

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