Alright, well I've been trying to figure this out for a while now... How do I build up a respectable community? I've been searching all over the web for answers and so far nothings worked. I tried advertising everywhere I know, doing post exchanges, which I highly hate because most of them time the person I exchange posts with ends up spamming my board instead of helping it. I even tried a few reviews, which all say the same thing... The layout and skin are really good you just need some more members. (Well thanks for pointing out the obvious) Anyways, I was hoping someone here could give me some tips as to how to do this. Form a community.

Just so you know, my forums genre is life discussion, and I know that's really hard to get going because no one likes posting about their personal life too much. Also my forums only been open for a week, but I always see all these guests but no one ever joins. Maybe I'm being too impatient, but that's why I need your guys expert advice to help me stay on the right track!

Thanks so much.