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    Do they put you off? Does it depend on the niche of the forum?

    Hmm for me they don't put me off too much but they're far better at the bottom of the page rather than the top and I do think a chatbox looks out of place on a serious forum with professional intentions.

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    I love chatboxes. Obviously on a non professional forum. But I prefer them at the top. I don't like scrolling down everytime I want to chat

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    Personally I dont like them a lot

    we have a live match chat on our site but its is only open on match days for members to chat about the game sand have a good bit oof bonding over the match but at the final whistle its closed untill the next games

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    Not a fan of them, I try not to use a forum with them on

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    I like them to stop by and say a quick hello to the forum. The only time they need to go is when people abuse it and spam

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    They make the website slow, and many hosts don't allow them. I personally do not like them being used on forums. That's what the forum is for; discussion.

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    I don’t like chatboxes on forums but if they do not slow down the forum and I can hid it or if the chatbox is at the bottom of the forum than I wouldn’t mind.

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