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Thread: Cleaning up feedback threads/old announcements

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    How good are you at doing this? Personally speaking I usually take ages to get round to it.

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    Well, it will take me like a hour to clean up old feedbacks and announcements.

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    I have Archives for a couple of forums, but i can't be bothered to move all the topics in there.

    I do a couple when i feel like it, but then a more get posted.

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    myself and the other administrators/Global Moderators normally remove the announcements/feedback threads roughly 1month after those announcements/feedback threads were posts, or when the event they are talking about has finished.

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    Lol, well we never do it o.o Always have it just for a reminder of what went down

    But if you're talking about recent stuff, then whenever it's done with, it's moved to archives near immediately.

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