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Thread: Competitors

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    Does your forum have any competitors? Do you endorse competitors by allowing signature links to forums of the same niche?

    AC's competitors are forums like AdminAddict and The Admin Zone. And at the moment we don't have any rules preventing forums of our genre promoting.

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    I typically fight a duopoly. I should know who I can and can't fight.

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    Right now my forum doesn't have a competitor.

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    My forum doesn't have any competitors right now.

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    We have a few forums that are also of the same sport one of the same team and we dont mind one bit as long as we have a link on their site to our forum we are willing for them to advertise in the signatures as long as its a decent size and not a piss take.

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    Plenty. I try to compare and keep up to date with new features and try to top them.

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    I don't really think i do. Well actually, i think I do have one, but it seems way past death. If some one could show me one, i'd love to see it. It might come in use

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    We have no competition as such, as we a hybrid forum

  9. I've seen no competitors as of now but i see lots of spam

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    Well my new forums aint online yet, But ive not seen any same type of forums yet.

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