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Thread: Complaints

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    How many complaints do you get on your forum?

    I'm happy to say I very rarely get any complaints as such though as with all forums, there is the odd argument here and there.

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    I've never really gotten complaints either, and if I have, people are usually pretty good about being constructive, saying what needs to be added or deleted, etc. 99% of the time members are pretty well-behaved on my forum.

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    we have not had any complaint just a few people being smart arses

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    so far on RealityFX , We haven't got any complaints , mainly compliments which is pretty good

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    Not fact, I only think I've had people saying they don't know how to use it even though it's kinda obvious you click on the pictures to get to the forums

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    Hmm O.o Complaints? I don&#39;t think we get any of those >< We mostly get feedback telling us how we could make things better, by adding things -- but not to say complain, it&#39;s just like upgrading! That&#39;s pretty much it

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    I never really ever got complaints.

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    Just one complaint once...saying we were too English based, since then I&#39;ve made sure it&#39;s can include worldwide members.

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    One of my members once nagged me for days about attachment quotas. I referred him to image hosts but he flat out refused. He said attaching was more "convenient"...

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    My main complaint is: WHY IS IT SO INACTIVE???

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