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Thread: Content or a good team ?

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    Content or a good team ?

    What is for you the most important on your own forum, not talking about a forum you are not staff on or admin. I am talking about the forums you own or are part of. Is the most important thing content, making some posts a day or a good team that really works together ?

    Well for me it TEAMWORK NO.1

    What about you ?

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    Re: Content or a good team ?


    Cause nothing beats a great teamwork juts like philippines on election

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    Re: Content or a good team ?

    Content is created by Great Teamwork.

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    Re: Content or a good team ?

    I agree with Sanket. If there is good teamwork and management, it leads to control, which leads to activity...and content.

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    Re: Content or a good team ?

    Both. A forum cannot exist without a solid team and daily content.

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    Re: Content or a good team ?

    yes, I agree that both of them are important, so there is no way I can choose between them.

    first of all, it is the content and the theme of the forum that attracts people to come and join. the content is maintained by the current members of the forum together with a staff team which consists of members who really are willing to work for the forum. everything is important, hehe~

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    Re: Content or a good team ?

    Content is always a good important thing to have, but it's good to have a team in place to provide the site with a good amount of content..

    If I had to pick between the two depending on my team, I def would want the content to be in place to hopefully grab some members that are interested in the topics, and if I didn't think my team was a good group maybe the new members I gained would be a good choice to go towards asking them to help me out

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    Re: Content or a good team ?

    I'd say content first, staff second. I've got a great team of staff... but not much activity, being honest, and that's prolly to do with us not being able to produce enough content.

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