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Thread: Custom Theme

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    Nope, never would either. Unless its like the one that goes into a very professional site and forum.

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    I have made a custom theme before, but I recently opened it for public use. I dont have a problem with free themes. I mostly use subscription/premium themes though.

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    Nah, never. We dont use credit cards ><

    And Boa almost did, but instead he just made all the skins and made it add up to 101+ skins for the site

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    I&#39;ve never paid for a custom theme before. I have paid for a logo and some other things like the navigation bar before I learnt how to do graphics myself. Now I do everything myself.

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    Not custom, but i have purchased a theme before.

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    I&#39;ve actually got a custom theme now and soon to be added to my forum, which wasn&#39;t paid though it was donated from another forum.

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