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Thread: Dark Or Light Themes? Do They Take Effect On Each Another?

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    So what do you prefer darker themes or light themes on forums? Some of you will say depending on the genre but light themes for promotion forums and dark for gaming but I don't see an effect off it, would you say that effects a forum theme - genre of the forum?

    I personally like both themes so I like a mixture to choose from, I like darker background'd themes because of the bright abstract yellow and pink you can use or the glow seems to work better but on the other hand light themes might be best because they can bring colours out better like red, green, purple, and not so used colours but then again yellow and white would be a great colour combination but yellow burns the eyes on the lighter themes.

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    i prefer darker themes, most of the forums i am on, i use a darker skin, and i have dark coloured ones as default for my forum (kinda makes sense as the forum is about ghosts and stuff, and a black background looks more spooky
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    I think the genre of the forums can play an important role in deciding the color scheme for the forums. If and I say if you use a dark scheme, prepare to use some light colors as well, and if you use a light theme prepare to add in some darker colors.

    I think a mixture of the two comes out better then doing all dark colors, or all light colors..

    For instance, if I was to use a black theme, I would offset the theme with maybe a grey background, or an imaged background, and if I happened to use a lighter theme, grey can still be substituted into the background. It's all about what looks good for the site.

    Be honest to yourself, if you like a theme that's awesome, however you need to create the theme as if your were the member not the admin. (This probably doesn't have to apply if your just creating a personal blog).

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