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Thread: Deleting accounts with 0 posts

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    Are you on any forums that do this? I'm not active on any that do but IMO it's pointless and they could come back one day anyway.

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    My forum is not that big quite yet.

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    i wouldn't do it right away, but im sure there is probably a plugin or something that allows you to say - if the user is inactive for a month delete them or something.

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    on zb theres something in admin cp that does that for you

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    we dont delete them becuase they may come back

    as an example we had a person join up about 6 weeks ago and all of a sudden the last week he has been more active than some of the regular active members.

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    My forum just opened yesterday. But I haven't yet.

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    I won't do this, there's no point.

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    Honestly, there's no point in removing members with 0 posts since they might come back anytime.

    Not really worth the effort...

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    I don't delete accounts with 0 posts. Unless they were a bot which somehow got through the captcha thing.

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    I have done it before, it just prune's the members so you've got a more realistic idea on what your numbers really are.

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