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Thread: Developing Forum Content - Fast and Dirty Insights

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    Smile Developing Forum Content - Fast and Dirty Insights

    Forum Content Magic

    There is no magic involved when you're developing forum content. Everyone knows that an active and successful Internet forum or online message board will be one where the quality and quantity of the forum content will come into play. From a forum administrator's point of view, you can never over stress the importance of your forum's content.
    Sometimes, just getting content into your forums can be quite disappointing. Everything can be quite a drag when nothing ever gets posted for days. During such times it may take a few proactive steps to keep the ball rolling. As you might have obviously learned from experienced, forum content never does magically come up on your site.

    The Right Formula

    It might become quite frustrating when you seem to have everything set up neatly and still don't get anything out of your online community. Some administrators think that proper planning, developing their board, and designing their communities would be enough. Many have done that and not all have been as successful.

    Members of your online community will not increase without a little effort. Work then becomes part of the magic of developing forum content. Getting quality posts on those forums is the big goal that you, as an administrator, will have to work hard on. Sometimes it takes a little push to reel in what you've been fishing for.

    Rummaging a bit into online community development, before launching any site you ought to give your members a reason to stick around and read stuff and then post their replies. Sometimes, giving catchy names to your forums isn't quite enough. You should also have enough threads within each forum in order to turn guests into new sign ups and eventually more of your dream content.

    Part of the hard work for an administrator is to get posts coming in. Sometimes it will just have to take your own posts to start things up. The idea here is to get forum activity to rise, or at least give that impression to the guests of your site. Some administrators even use sock puppets to create the impression of forum activity.

    At times you might have to resort to joining a post exchange to start developing forum content. There are also site administrators that pay forum posters, though that may sometimes become quite expensive. For starters, you might not want to over emphasize on the quality of the posts but just get something in. However, you still should enforce forum rules including restrictions on spamming and a host of other rules and guidelines.

    Adding Variety to Your Internet Forum Content

    You might want to use a variety of content to get things started or to add to whatever is already posted. There will be a lot of things to talk about and put on your site to make everything interesting to your posters and guests. You may discuss news, add articles, feature interviews, create surveys, put up a few quizzes, moderate formal debates on certain issues, and various reviews.

    When adding copyrighted content or any content for that matter that you didn't write yourself, make sure you put a link to the source. Since you'll be moderating and developing forum content you will be the one to set the tone for any forum. Post formally if a forum is designed for formal discussions and what not.

    Adding Content, Adding Fuel to the Fire

    Remember that whenever you add content to a certain forum, the idea is to prolong a discussion or thread and to make it more interesting. You may ask questions relating to or about the content already posted. Administrators and moderators may act well as catalysts for discussions to progress. When more posters, including administrators, show interest in the discussions the more meaningful posts you will get, which equates to developing forum content.

    Now, when you get a little activity going on, which is the case at first for any thread or forum for that matter, it doesn't mean it's time for you sit back and watch. Your own enthusiasm for your own forum should become quite contagious. Forum posters won't be building the discussions on your forum all by themselves. In fact, you might very well profit if you ask your staff to put in posts as well.

    One last bit to remember is to continue adding unique content. Again, you may pay someone to do this for you for the meantime while you're starting or you may invite a guest poster to give his expert opinion on a given thread. Unique content not only helps in developing forum content, it also perks your community's interest on a given topic.

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    how do you entice members to post?

    Very good info to have. Do you use anything to entice new members to post new threats or reply to existing threats to grow content?

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    4 freaking year old thread?
    And you have to reply?

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    wooo thanks for this information about this this is really good information

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