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    A lot of my friends run forums. Some of them succeeding and some of them having their missing stone, if you know what I mean..

    What advice would you give to a discouraged admin? I've seen them put so much effort -- worked so hard, and they just wanted their place to hit high marks. They advertised, and made sure they were very active. But when a forum's not going anywhere...well you know how that is..It just doesn't go anywhere...

    How would you help that person?

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    I'd sit down, and give them some friendly advice. Also, tell them to never give up, and that it takes many tries to get a successful forum. Here are a few tips.

    1. Tell your friends to join, before advertising it publically.

    - This will get your forum active, and make it look worth joining.

    2. Have constant updates.

    - This will keep people interested to stay around.

    3. Be active yourself!

    - If you aren't active, then don't make the forum.

    4. Post threads in your forum before even releasing it.

    - This will make it look active, and jump start discussion.

    5. Never give up.

    - Probably the most important. If your forum fails, don't give up. It takes many interviews to get a job, and many forums to get a community.

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    Just promote.... or order some post packages.

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    Every Admin needs inspiration, not blank promotion and posting packages. You need the urge to run that extra mile with your forum, those two things don't give you that.

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    One factor off ten over looked is many web ventures is time......

    Two projects that are exactly the same came move in different directions until time take effect.....

    Sadly, noone can tell you how much time is needed......

 my opinion is the last resort......don't just throw away all your efforts....

    Keep swing.......

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    The advice I would give them would be to

    *Keep advertising

    *Get new, dedicated staff

    *Ask RL friends to join (if they're interested in forums)

    *Start a contest to increase activity

    Also if I was good friends with them I'd probably post on their forum myself.

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    As would I, Sbfc.

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    I always get new inspiration when I install a new theme. Maybe that'd do the trick.

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    I'd find a few people who would post on their forum, help them promote it etc.

    Just help them make it successful.

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    My Stance: If you don't own a successful community, don't give advice on how to run one.

    I won't comment on what i'd do

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